Melbourne Cup 2011.

I love Melbourne Cup, not because I like horses or like to bet on horses.  It’s because it is a public holiday in Melbourne.  Aussies from other states, please don’t be jealous .  I also took yesterday off, so I have an extra long relaxing weekend.  What more can I ask More >

Should I buy junk food?

I am an easy dad when it comes to snacks.  That means the kids can eat whatever they want after finishing their main meal.  Of course, they cannot eat too much junk food la…

We will be driving up to Fraser Island soon for a family holiday.  I am planning what More >


Working from home

I woke up today with “some issues” and instead calling in sick, I called my boss and asked to work from home.  Just don’t ask what the issues were, ok?

Working from home is a great idea!

I VPN to my work PC and voila, I was back at work virtually…  You More >

Rough sport – Rugby

I was watching sports news one night and saw the highlights of the State of Origin first game.  It was played between Queensland and New South Wales. Rugby is a contact sport and even though I like sports very much, I will never understand and appreciate Rugby. Blocking, lifting, body More >


A few students from an American university in 2000 came up with this acronym Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA is an automated and random way of generating a simple challenge-response test to make sure the response is not from another computer or computer program. More >

What is planking?

Frankly, I haven’t heard of this this word until today.  It sounds like a word for wood work or something similar.

Planking actually involves someone lying flat on their bellies on any objects, anywhere they can think of.  Obviously, individuals will think of unique places to do this to impress friends More >

Offshore IT support – Painfully slow…

This is my extremely poor experience with an international IT company providing technical support.

I work in the IT industry supporting databases at a large organisation. Recently there were some difficult issues with one of our critical databases and we needed assistance from the vendor, a very large global database company. More >

Faster broadband in Australia?

Sorry mate, you might have to wait till 2020…  hahaha…  What a joke!  I am crying now… 

The federal government has extended the completion date to 2020 for the National Broadband Network (NBN).  Apparently there was some agreement between some MPS that the bush and the city folks have to pay More >

Are Australians racists?

Racism has always been a hot topic and lately the news are all over this again…

Australia is a multi-cultural country and there are so many races living here.  No doubt there is going to be some tension or misunderstanding between us.  Generally we are a bunch of kind and tolerable More >

Australia Open

Women moaning in tennis

Its summer here in Australia and that means cricket and tennis, particularly the Australia Open.

Channel 7 has coverage of men and women tennis all day and night for this week and next week.  How lucky are we? I have been watching quite a fair bit as there is not much More >