I love Melbourne Cup, not because I like horses or like to bet on horses.  It’s because it is a public holiday in Melbourne.  Aussies from other states, please don’t be jealous ;-) .  I also took yesterday off, so I have an extra long relaxing weekend.  What more can I ask for?

The race is at 3pm today and cover a distance of 3.2 KM.  There will be 23 horses in this race and 23 skinny little jockeys, lol.  No disrespect to them though, they are amazing sports persons with strict food diet, exercise and lots of guts too…

To make this Melbourne Cup a bit more interesting, I have decided to put $10 on 2 horses.  Went over to TAB website and checked out the names of horses.  I finally decided on 2 horses, barrier 8 – Drunken Sailor and Fox Hunt in barrier 18.

8 & 18…  Sure win.  That’s what the superstitious Chinese will think. :-)

With a beer in hand and some junk food in the other hand, let the race begin!

Good luck to everyone and most importantly ME!